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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  October 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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we do mistake and we are human beings. >> reporter: florida is a battleground state. and both donald trump and hillary clinton will campaign heavily here in the coming days. >> i am jon scott. thanks for watching. >> this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier bear. breaking story. the fbi is looking at new e-mails from the scandal. we are ten days although millions of americans have voted. donald trump and the republicans are staying she is unfit for the presidency and saying another shoe could drop. clinton's camp is livid and demanding that the fbi should put up or shut up. and the attorney general and the
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fbi boss are not on the same page. donald trump wrapped up a speech in phoenix. and we start with edhenry with the latest on the fbi investigation. >> reporter: eyebrows were raised about political interferrance when bill clinton hopped on the plane with attorney general lowerita lynch. and there are new questions on whether the department of justice is trying to protect clinton. they tried to stop director james comey from informing congress he will igniting the investigation. warning that he had commented on an ongoing probe and taking action that could influence the election. while comey reports to attorney general lowerita lynch, he does
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takes her at her word. >> we handle independently. >> and comey felt compelled to act because the fbi found over 10000 of top clinton aide huma abedin e-mail. they were not to and from clinton and top democrats jumped in that and director comey and lynch and demanded a complete accounting from the information and career investigator and prosecutors to debunk the conspiracy theories and correct the public record. senior law enforcement official insists that the fbi is looking at evidence. and republicans note that after all of the heat comey took saying there were violations. but not filing charges he would not risque second embarrassment. >> it is probably more substantial and why he put it
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out now. republicans hammered him this summer for having a lower bar for average joe. >> they might be on the way to jail and should. no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case. democrats like donna brazil declared in july, republicans were damaging the rule of law by attacking comey and today, brazil retweeted stories savaging the fbi's director and complaining about the damage comey's bad timing can do. >> all of this as wikileaks released round 22 of jon podesta's e-mails where a liberal act sift said hrc and wjc have the worst judgment. that's what we heard from bernie sanders back in the primaries, brett? >> the fbi decision plays in the hands of donald trump. the democrat nominee is demanding that the bureau
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release the information it has immediately right now clinton is in a star studded event in miami where jennifer griffen is tonight. >> reporter: j- loand mark anthony are about to take the stage with hillary clinton when she landed in florida, that's when she made her first remarks today about the fbi director's announcement. >>in am sure some of you may have heard about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. well, if you are like me, you probably have a few questions about it. >> reporter: blind sided by the fbi director with with ten days left. crowds and supporter ares in the canvassing event booed when hillary clinton mentioned fbi director james comey. >> it is strange to put it out with such little information
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right before an election. and in fact, it is not just strange, it is unprecedented and deeply troubling because voters deserve to get full and complete facts and so we've called on director comey to explain everything right away and put it all out on the table. >> reporter: clinton's whose momentum warned supporters was complacency. >> like any campaign there are up and downs and i got to tell you, i feel so motivated, so excited, and so ready. >> reporter: during a conference call, the clinton campaign chairman demanded answers. >> director comey wrote the letter light on fact and heavy on innuendo and knowing what the republicans in congress would do
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with it. it is up to him who owe the public answers to the questions. >> reporter: huma abedin was not on the plane. but the campaign standed behind her. vice-president joe biden reacted that it was a result of her husband. >> well, oh, god. anthony weiner. i should not comment on anthony weiner. i was not a big fan and i wunt before he got in trouble and see i should not comment. [inaudible] >> reporter: there is a letter to the fbi director and demanding more answers, brett, back to you. >> donald trump is making the fbi probe the centerpiece of the rejuvenated campaign. they finished in phoenix and
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chief political correspondent carl cameron is here tonight. >> reporter: it was a raucus speech in which he said the justice department is now at war with the fbi be and arguing that the justice department is trying to cover up for what he called hillaries criminal activity. in colorado, donald trump seized on the revived investigation of hillary clinton. >> her criminal action was willful, deliberate and intentional and purposeful. hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal contact from public disclosure and exposure. >> reporter: trump slammed clinton and cracked wise about anthony weiner who is under investigation for texting. >> she has bad instifrpths.
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the e-mails are on anthony weunner wherever. and having accused the fbi. trump blasted clinton. >> hillary clinton tried to politicalize and attacking the fbi to only sending the letter to the republicans. it was a lie. it was sent to and democratic leaders in congress. >> reporter: the clinton camp said she misspoke having not seen the second letter. trump fanned the flames. >> the fbi would not have reopened the case at this time unless it was a most a grejous criminal offense. >> reporter: trump was gaining ground and has hopes are so
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raised he plans to campaign in michigan. >> we pulled ahead in numerous polls and this was all before this recent disaster for her. but justice for the country. we had gaps, but we are really moves. >> reporter: trump began a speech with a hepth healthy attack on bump bum care. saying the premiums will go up and he will repeal it giving the voters a reason to support him. and he blasted hillary clinton as his aides have said trying to suppress her vote for the e-mail scandal. >> carl, thank you. wooerl get analysis of the fbi decision to ramp up the investigation and go public with it. that is not shannon. that's shannon under president george bush, former legal
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council for former president dick cheney and rob hoscow. president of the legal defense fund. and thank you boths for being here. and we got it right. shannon, what about the decision and how it's rolled out and what is behind it? >> we know we are in an abnormal situation when jim comey decided to announce there would be no prosecution. yet rolled out all of the evidence against hillary clinton. now, he's come up with something and donald trump may very will be right that there is something in there that made the fbi director look at this and say oh, no, i can't let that come out after the election. and so to preserve his own reputation or what's left of it, he likely decided to roll it out
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now. >> but what is there we don't know. but do you buy that this is just kind of making sure that nothing comes out after the election and he would move forward if there was not somebody, somebody looked and said this is some what substantial. >> i think the director is in the position of thread a needle. he's walking on a treachous slippery path with snakes on both sides ready to inject venom. loretta lynch disaged herself in the meeting with bill clinton. extraordinary transpearencey and hence the statement in july and before congress. if the fbi have thousands of e-mail and it is comey who is hanging out there and feels like
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he has a responsibility to congress we have to reopen. >> my interview with the attorney general in the end of feb, this is what we asked. >> what is important to follow the fact and law and come to an independent conclusion as to what may or may not have happened. >> they will make a recommenation and the decider to go forward is you, right? >> we'll see what evidence and facts develop and follow those to the natural conclusion. >> this is the doj. director comey understood our position and heard it and it was conveyed to the fbi and comey made an independent decision to alert the hill and he's operating independently of the justice department and he know its. because of that meeting on the tarmac, they didn't have any option? >> the attorney general's
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credibility on this issue was blown out of the water and of course, of course, president obama's justice department leadership doesn't want it to happen right now. that's not surprising. it is a bit ironic, brett, that the clintons are complaining about the october surprise, when bill clinton was a beneficiary of one in the 1992 election? >> 1992, when lawrence walsh. >> four days indicts the secretary of defense casper wein burger and leaving the bushes scrambling. what you didn't hear then from the clintons, is that the independent prosecutor was overstepping their bounds and politicalizing an election. >> so it's happen before. the question is, what we know and learning from the wikileaks
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e-mails. e-mail chain five. cheryl mills e-mails john podesta and at the bottom of the e-mail said john, as a reminder, government e-mail is maintained as federal records. the whole thing is set up. if you want to send me something that you don't obtained by government records send it on the this e-mail. comey said they couldn't find intent. you think they have found intent in the e-mails? >> certainly they will be looking for a smoking gun in there. they are always looking for a smoking gun. because when you have people in this close collaboration of open other and the likely of them flipping on that private unrecorded conversation is low. >> no e-mails two or from hillary clinton.
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i don't know how they would know that by our sources. >> i think it is way premature. we are talking about thousands and thousands of e-mail and even if it is fbi has what their previous review was fully automated and now they are going to have to suck the new emaims in the same system and start to compare this stack with the previous stack. these are covered. and now you have to look at everything you haven't seen and analyzed and said to the intelligence. is it classified and what do we have that is new. >> shannon, even if they don't find the smoking gun.
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